What's so great about commissions?

What's so great about commissions?


Can you believe we are almost in November?  I guess it feels a little faster this year because around here the weather has just started to feel like Fall.  Two weeks ago it was in the upper 80's, and I was wearing summer clothes bathing my sweet gentle giant (Newfoundland) out in the back yard, but that was the last of our hot days and what seems like the start of Fall. 

The trees are just starting to show signs of color, the grass is turning brown, and  every time the wind blows, leaves glide through the air with ease as they bid farewell.  The days are getting shorter, and the house is feeling cozier with warm air blowing through the vents.  Yup, all the signs of Fall is here, and with that comes planning for the holidays.


Beverly Gurganus horse portrait

Indy  11x14 oil on Canvas by Beverly Gurganus


This is the time my kids start talking about Christmas list, and we start thinking about Christmas shopping.  The kids aren't the only ones making list...we begin making our shopping list with all the names of family and friends.  We like taking our time coming up with ideas for each person so that we buy something that they truly want.  This isn't always easy cause there is always that one or two person/s who is hard to buy for, know what I mean?  We all have those friends or family members who have everything.



Beverly Gurganus Paris France

Untitled, 16x20 oil on canvas by Beverly Gurganus


Here are some reasons why commission art is a great gift for those who are hard to shop for.


      1.  It's one of a kind. 

What makes original art so special is that it is... well, original.  This is one gift that no one else will have because it is just as unique as the person receiving it.   


 Beverly Gurganus bridal portrait

Courtney, 16x20 oil on canvas by Beverly Gurganus


     2.  It's personal.

Collaborating with an artist to create something that holds special memories such as a portrait of a loved one, a favorite pet, a special vacation spot, etc... makes the gift more meaningful...you won't find them regifting it to "Aunt Sally" years down the road.


Beverly Gurganus figure painting

I Want to Be Like You, 16x20 oil on canvas by Beverly Gurganus


     3.  You get to be involved.

You get to work with the artist by selecting the subject and sending reference photos, choosing the colors and style, and previewing composition sketches.  The art will not only hold special meaning to the recipient, but also to you because of your time invested in the creative process.


Beverly Gurganus portrait painting

 Grandma Burchett, 16x20 oil on canvas by Beverly Gurganus


Working together with an artist to create something original that holds special memories for a special someone is personal for both the giver and the receiver making it the perfect win, win gift! 


Now is a great time to schedule custom work, but this window of opportunity won't last long.  Contact Beverly to learn more about commissioning custom art.




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