Why taking a vacation can make you a better artist | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art

Why taking a vacation can make you a better artist | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art

Why taking a vacation can make you a better artist.

Saying goodbye to vacations doesn't have to be a side effect for starting your art business.  Vacations are often viewed as a luxury, but what if instead of putting us behind in our work they actually make us better?  

Virginia artist Beverly Gurganus

My husband has been running his own business for over 20 years, and I started my art business almost 3 years ago.  We totally understand how hard it is to fit traveling into an already full schedule, and to be honest, we have sacrificed many travel opportunities for the sake of work leaving us envious of other's vacations.

About 4 years ago we made a commitment to add a cruise vacation to the Bahamas to our calendar (something we both have always wanted to do) so we went to a travel agency and booked it nearly a year in advance.  It was a splurge and a quick 5 days, but it was a great time (except for the rough seas and high winds we encountered).

Don't  let your "To Do" list keep you from enjoying life's special moments!

Carnival Cruise to Bahamas | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art

Carnival Bahama Cruise | Beverly Gurganus

Although we can't take vacations as often or as long as we would like, we do squeeze in long weekend trips a couple times a year.  I know what you are thinking...that's all?  Yes, but it's small steps of progress in the right direction, Haha. Besides, a vacation doesn't have to be an elaborate expensive trip...it can be a weekend changed of scenery with no distractions.

 I know that my husband and I are not the only ones who struggle with taking personal time away from our business so I put together some reasons (or in my case reminders) of why it is important to step away from your business from time to time.

4 reasons why you should take a vacation.

1.  Vacations recharge your mind and body.  Working week after week and not allowing your mind and body to take a break, an opportunity to de-stress will only lead to burning out.  Yes, there is a such thing as too much of a good thing or anything.  Hmmm...puts a whole new perspective on vacations doesn't it?  Vacations are a way to practice self care, and we all can agree that a healthy body performs better.

2. Vacations give a new perspective.  When I'm working on a painting and find myself stuck, I like to walk away from the easel for a while and do something else.  When I return to my easel, I see things differently and often I'm able to correct what was stalling my production.  Vacations offer you that time to step away and come back with a fresh eye...a new perspective.

3.  Vacations birth new inspirations.  I would say that for an artist, if the first two reasons aren't good enough then this one may win you over.  Inspiration is the key to our creativeness, and it comes from our life experiences.  Vacations are perfect for new experiences that spark creative inspirations.  Oh Yeah, don't forget to capture all those experiences with your camera.  An artist can never have too many resource photos and a camera should always be considered a necessity item when going anywhere.

4.  Vacations allow you to separate work and family.  I work in a studio out of my home and boy is it hard to balance my time between work and family because it is easy to sacrifice family time in order to get things done.   Taking time to get away from the normal daily distractions will allow you to be fully present with your family and nurture relationships, after all these are fleeting moments.

 Your work will always be waiting for your attention, but your children will quickly grow into adults with or without your attention.

Did you ever think of a vacation as a way to make you a better healthier artist?  I sure didn't at first, but as I reflect on our recent weekend trip to visit my daughter, I can feel each of the above benefits from that trip.  So when you are deciding as to whether to take that dream vacation or a simple get away, I hope you will think about these 4 reasons and take the trip!

Falls Park Greenville, SC | Beverly Gurganus

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