Collection: Soy Candles - Fall and Holiday fragrances

Hey, scent seekers! Get ready to cozy up and embrace those fall and holiday vibes with our Luxury Soy Candle Collection. We're talkin' candles that'll transport you straight to a pumpkin spice wonderland or nostalgic trip to the tree farm – yeah, you heard it right.

These ain't your average candles, folks. We're talking hand-poured soy goodness that burns clean, wrapped up in some seriously beautiful packaging that'll make your decor game strong. So, whether you're prepping for a pumpkin-carving party or gearing up for a holiday movie marathon, our Luxury Soy Candle Collection is here to set the mood. Light 'em up, kick back, and let the fall and holiday magic unfold.

Candles are scheduled to be poured on set dates each month.  Orders placed will be filled on the next scheduled time and shipped on the projected shipping day.  Candle orders are opened until Dec. 6th with shipping set for Dec. 15th.

Note:  Our candle containers are changing.  The 10 oz charcoal will now be 12 oz black glass (same as the 7oz size).  The 10 oz white will be available while supply last (will not reorder inventory).


Story behind our candles.

 Local pick-ups are always welcome.


Soy Candles - Fall and Holiday fragrances
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