Collection: Tea Towels

Pre-orders open 11/6/2023

Introducing a new collection of tea towels, adorned with my original designs. These towels are more than just practical; they're an expression of joy, beauty, and nature's wonders.

Each towel features digital designed images inspired by the beauty of nature and nostalgic experiences, making them perfect for drying dishes, hands, or hanging in your kitchen for a pop of art. They also make fantastic, gifts that warm the hearts of your friends and family, sharing the beauty and joy that nature and nostalgia bring into our lives.

Versatile and full of heart, these towels can grace any space in your home, from the kitchen to the bathroom or dining room. They're a piece of my heart, meant to bring joy and meaning to your life every day. So, go ahead and explore the collection, and let these tea towels inspire your world. These tea towels are more than towels; they're a piece of art that adds joy and beauty to your home.

Tea Towels
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