About the Remembrance collection

Colorful floral paintings to bring Joy to your heart, Beauty into your home, and Hope to your soul.


(Photo by Courtney Leach Photography)

"Healing is slow and quiet."


(Photo by Courtney Leach Photography)
Flowers are little miracles given to us by God.  Their beauty brings joy to our days and healing to our hearts.  We give flowers to celebrate milestones, grieve loss, express emotion, and to bid well wishes.  Flowers can say what we sometimes can't put into words.
This collections was created during a time when a paint brush could express emotions better than my limited words, and with each brush stroke, healing came slow and quiet.                                                                                                                                     
(Photo by Courtney Leach Photography)


"I wish you could have seen the flowers" 

by Beverly Gurganus

Dear Mom,
I wish you could have seen the flowers that others gave to you in love.
As we celebrated your earthly journey, and your new home up above.

 I wish you could have seen the flowers that added Spring colors around your home.
Giving thanks for your nurturing care, for without it they would not have grown.

 I wish you could see the flowers that came to life with every stroke.
A collection of blooms to honor your memory and send a message of hope.

 Dear Daughter,
I can't wait for you to see the flowers that frame the streets of gold.
They are more beautiful than I have ever imagined or my earthy eyes could behold.

 Please don't worry about me, go dry your tears.
I'm happy to be home where my Savior is near.



 As I share this deeply meaningful and personal collection with you, it is my prayer and desire that they will bring beauty, joy, healing and hope to you just as they have brought me. 

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